A Mile in My Shoes: '81 Uprisings

🗓️ 13–27 APRIL 2023


⏱️ 12–6PM DAILY


Take an imaginative leap into stories of childhood, love, art-making, coming-of-age, sexuality, family, activism, conflict, community, music, dancing, and much more – each told by someone who lived through the momentous uprisings of 1981.

In 1981, Black communities in Brixton rose up in bloody confrontation with the Met Police – against a backdrop of racism, severe economic recession and high unemployment. They followed on from similar events in Bristol the year before, and the summer of ‘81 brought further uprisings across England – including in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. It was a critical moment in the movement for social justice in Britain, leading to landmark recommendations for police reform and local regeneration policies, as well as, crucially, a new sense of Black British empowerment.

A Mile in My Shoes: 81 Uprisings brings together stories from people who were there at the time, and who felt the reverberations through homes, streets, and communities across the country – in ways we all still live with today. Find us in the heart of Brixton, swap your shoes for a pair donated by each of the 35 storytellers, grab some headphones, and head out on a physical and empathic journey that might change how you see the world.

HOW TO visit US

Our shoebox will be less than 0.2 miles from Brixton Underground station, which is also served by multiple bus routes.


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Photograph by David Hoffman.