We’re striving to make all Empathy Museum activities more accessible and inclusive, and we acknowledge we still have work to do. If you’d like to come to an Empathy Museum exhibit but you’re not sure it’ll meet your access needs, please email hello [at] empathymuseum [dot] com. We hope the following information will be useful too:

  • We try to exhibit in step-free locations with car parking and public transport nearby – please email hello [at] empathymuseum [dot] com if you need more information about getting to the exhibit.

    We try to exhibit in spaces that aren’t too loud or crowded. Because we tour in many different public places, we can’t know how busy the exhibit and its surrounding areas will be. If you’d like to visit at a quieter time, we usually recommend coming in the morning where possible.

    Our exhibits are usually free, but on occasions that they’re not, the fee will be stated in the event’s promotional material.

    We provide limited seating at our exhibits. We also try to ensure there’s additional seating nearby.

  • Our giant shoebox has one step at the entrance (though it’s not necessary to come into the shoebox to take part). We carry a mobility ramp with us.

    We recognise that A Mile in My Shoes has been created primarily as an audio and walking experience, which may not suit everyone who’d like to visit. You’re welcome to listen to the stories without swapping your shoes and/or without walking – just let one of our staff members know your preferences when you visit.

    All our stories are told in English unless otherwise stated. Please note we don’t currently carry transcripts of the stories.

    Some of our stories discuss sensitive topics including violence, abuse, racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexual assault, pregnancy, childbirth, death, and mental illness. Our staff are trained to give content warnings for stories before fitting visitors with shoes. Visitors are not obliged to take the first pair of shoes offered – you can ask for a different pair; no explanation needed.

    You can hear many of the A Mile in My Shoes stories on our podcast.


    Listen to the podcast

  • Our podcast is free to listen to.

    Captioned versions of our first 40 podcast episodes are available on our YouTube.

    For the transcript of any episode, email hello [at] empathymuseum [dot] com.

    Content warnings are given in the written description accompanying podcast episodes.

  • Our library has one step at the entrance.

    We recognise that A Thousand and One Books centres on reading a particular format of book, which may not suit everyone who’d like to visit.

    The books in our collection are in written English, but all titles and recommendations are listed online should you wish to acquire any of the books in an alternative format.

    Our collection of books covers a wide range of reading abilities, though it’s not currently possible to filter by reading ability when exploring the collection online.


    Explore the library online