Book 0016

Nomadic Theory: The Portable Rosi Braidotti by Rosi Braidotti

Donated by Jeremy Till, who says...

To speak of empathy I start with love, because that is where I find empathy closest. With Sarah, my partner. Who as a woman has declared her womanhood, her feminism, and who, because of such declarations, I have seen suffer in a misogynist, sexist profession. I do not claim myself as A feminist (because I do not sense the daily experiences of being a woman), but I strive to empathise with feminism, as an act of love, understanding and transformation.

I absorbed with Sarah the seminal texts – Rowbotham, Mulvey, Irigaray, et al – but the one I submit to the Empathy Library comes from the most transformative lecture I was ever lucky enough to attend. Furious, optimistic, productive (and amazingly prescient in the nomadism). Rosi Braidotti: boy, girl. human, we salute you.

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