Book 0119

Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection by Various (ISBN 10: 0500280428 - ISBN 13: 9780500280423)

Donated by Gary Mansfield, who says...

This catalogue, without question gave direction to my life. I read it during a 14yr prison sentence as I contemplated my wasted past and dismal future.

I regarded conceptual art as ‘easy art’, the type anyone could make; I mocked the images of pickled animals, the tent and mostly a household colander with nuts & bolts through the holes. I turned to read how they justified calling that art. My mockery turned to awe in that moment; I later gained a degree and became a conceptual artist.

Have a read yourself – Mona Hatoum, No Way ii.

(Thank you Mona Hatoum)

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