Book 0223

Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne

Donated by Carolyn Steel, who says...

This was the book that I grew up with; I remember my father and grandmother reading it to me endlessly when I was small and the characters – the slightly-too-fond-of-honey, ‘bear of little brain’ Pooh, timid Piglet (scared of the Heffalump), gloomy Eeyore with his burst balloon, bouncy Tigger (who doesn’t like thistles), motherly Kanga, impatient rabbit and wise Owl – were like members of our family. The stories are gentle, funny and touching, and the drawings by E.H.Shepherd are simply magical. When I think of Pooh, I am taken back to a more innocent world in which adversity is met and overcome through friendship and taking pleasure in the simple joys of life. I suspect that I shall not be along in donating this charming book!

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