Book 0060

I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew by Dr Seuss

Donated by Sarah Campbell, who says...

It’s funny, it’s so true, and it’s great to read out loud.

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  1. My Review

    This is a review that I was asked to send.

    I really like the part were the person goes for a walk as he is saying there are no troubles, when he just starts his trouble:
    First, he trips over a stone and lands on his tail and then a green-headed Quilligan Quail bit my tail.
    However at the end, I felt sorry for that person, even
    Though he is fighting the troubles.

    Age seven

  2. This book really made me laugh, some parts were a bit of a tongue twister but I still really enjoyed the book, especially the ending when he traveled all the way to Solla Sollew and he couldn’t get in. It was funny but not too funny which was good.
    Lauren age nine

  3. My 8 and 4 year olds loved this book. They enjoy other Dr Seuss books and love the silliness and craziness of the stories!

  4. Hello! My friend Emilly passed your book to me. Mum just read it to me and my brother and sister as a bed time story, we loved it!