Book 0120

The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Donated by zareena, who says...

I grew up in a small mining village in Yorkshire and we were lucky enough to have a local library. Every Saturday I would go on my bike to the library and spend hours in there selecting the eight books I could borrow each week. I came across The Yearling one day when I was about eight. It became my favourite book of all time. I must have read it at least thirty times over the years. It makes me laugh out loud and sob in despair. It is full of beautiful descriptions and taught me so much about the joy and pain of what it means to be alive.

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  1. A poignant account of what it means to live and to die, to lose and to love. This book has been a solace in its awe-inspiring imagery; like I could feel the soft rays on my skin, hear the crickets sing, smell the dusk roll in. I was taken aback by the Yearling, and I will definitely read this book again.