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Once An Addict: The Fascinating True Story of One Man’s Escape from the Murky Drugs Underworld by Barry Woodward & Andrew Chamberlain

Donated by Liz, who says...

About a drug addict, you can see what they go through. It’s real. They find faith and you can see how that helps them but it’s not rammed down your throat.

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  1. came across the empathy museum by chance when on holiday in London . I like reading and loved the idea. I read the book over two days i could not put it down until i found out what happened to Barry it gave me insight into a world alien to me, but I know anyone could get caught in this underworld once starting with what some consider social use of drugs at a young age, Barry was lucky he did not lose his life to drugs at lots of times during his some what tragic life,it was an insightful thought provoking book especially as Barry and I are probably around the same age, how different our path in life has panned out, it leaves me to think ,is it all set out for us for a reason.